Photo by Albert van Breemen

Photo by Albert van Breemen

RoboCupJunior USA OnStage is a competition that integrates science, technology, engineering and the arts. Teams of two to five students present a 1 to 2 minute creative stage performance using autonomous robots that they have designed, built and programmed. The OnStage challenge is intended to be open-ended insofar as the performers can present any type of performing art they choose, including dance, storytelling, theatre and performance art.  The challenge emphasizes creativity, often bringing one or more robots together dressed in costume, moving alone or with humans, accompanied by music. Teams are encouraged to be as creative, innovative and entertaining as possible. The competition often involves a wide range of roles for team members, including software design and development, robot design and construction, performance planning and choreography, set design and construction, costume design, music and video design and implementation.


OnStage is for competitors ages 13 to 19 as of July 1, 2019.  However, in the USA, 8-12 year old students are allowed to compete in OnStage (either as their own team or as members of a team with older students), but they will not be allowed to continue with the team if the team is invited to participate in the RoboCupJunior 2019 international championships. 


Each OnStage team should have 2 to 5 members. We will permit 6 members on a team for the NY competition, but those teams will not be allowed to participate in the RoboCupJunior 2019 international championships. 


Competition rules are posted in the Team Resources section of this site.