RoboCupJunior USA




THE 2019 Competition will be held sunday, may 19, at trinity school in new york city!



Welcome to RoboCupJunior USA!!

The RoboCupJunior USA competition challenges students up to 19 years old to work collaboratively as a team to design, create, and code robots to solve problems.  The competition is divided into three leagues - Soccer, Rescue and OnStage. The robots are fully autonomous, using sensors to explore the world around them and make decisions without human intervention. The competition is open to students with any level of experience, and teams can use any tool or technology they want - from modifying preexisting robotics kits to building everything from scratch. 

Winning teams may be eligible to participate in the RoboCupJunior World Championship, which is organized by RoboCup Federation each summer. The 2019 Championship will be held July 2nd - 8th in Sydney, Australia.  Last year, 36 countries from around the world were represented.